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This after-wedding photo session is a chance for you to relax, let loose and revel in your new marriage. This is a style of wedding photography that contrasts elegant clothing with an environment in which it is out of place. Some of those sessions take place on the day of your Maui wedding, some a day or two after your Hawaiian ceremony. View it as a declaration that the wedding is done and the dress will not be used again. It beats the alternative to storing the dress away, never to be used and seen again. And even if you do have a reception back home: salt water does not ruin your dress, a simple dry cleaning will take care of the minimal damage.

An incredible sense of fun will come through in each of your Hawaiian wedding pictures. Take advantage of a deserted Maui beach, the breeze, the surf and the romance. Play, frolic and cuddle up to each other in whimsical, seductive and deeply romantic poses. The most amazing photos are guaranteed because of your willingness to ruin what some call “the most important dress a girl can wear.”

You may even remember that you still have this gorgeous gown stowed away somewhere in an attic: bring it to Maui, whether you are on vacation or on your honeymoon, have your husband bring his tux or a nice suit and lets have fun in the Hawaiian Sun! Trash it. Get it dirty. Get it wet. Roll around in the ocean waves and drench it. Why? Why not? Youve made a commitment to your husband. Hes your one and only true love. Then youll never need the dress again.

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Meet Arabelle

Arabelle was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany. She studied the law and English at the University of Hamburg before visiting Maui for the very first time in 1993. Here she fell in love with the island and met her Californian husband who she married in 1995. Standing barefoot in the warm sand, listening to the crashing waves and Hawaiian music while saying her “ I Do’s” made her want to share this romantic and unique experience with as many people as she could. Fast forward to today, and Ancient Hawaiian Weddings has performed thousands of intimate beach weddings for couples from all over the world. Arabelle finds each and every wedding exciting and touching, pouring her heart and energy into every couples dream and making it a reality.




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