Hair & Makeup

A very important part of your wedding day is a perfect hair style in combination with a perfect complexion that shows off the beautiful you. You have traveled across the United States and the vast Pacific Ocean, picked out a wonderful gown, have put so much work and detail in to your Hawaiian style wedding, have hired a fabulous photographer, maybe even a videographer and you will definitely want to look your very best! The most important thing, besides the love for each other and a minster, is the way you will look on your wedding day! My stylists, who are experts at letting beautiful women look even more beautiful, will come into your room as early as 5:00 a.m. with curlers, curling iron, bobby pins, loose orchid hair flowers, a great mood and all the know-how there is to make you look even more radiant. You will not have to worry about your appearance as those ladies will bring out and emphasize the most beautiful features of your face and create a hair style that will wow. The only thing you need to remember is to wash your hair the night before so that it is ready for new adventures. The light in Hawaii is rather bright and the humidity high, which is why I recommend an updo. Butterflies, doves and a limousine are all nice add-ons, but not necessities. Hair and Makeup is!


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