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We specialize in traditional Hawaiian Weddings to bring you a part of these Islands that not many will be able to experience. Our Hawaiian Ohana includes our Hawaii ministers and musicians, lovely dancers and chanters, our skilled florists, photographers and videographers who are all awaiting your arrival. And so are the white sandy beaches, lush tropical garden settings, charming Hawaii churches, immaculate hotel grounds, pristine private Maui estates, world class Hawaii golf courses, breathtaking cliffs and waterfalls, majestic mountains and all the peaceful settings Maui has to offer.

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Meet Arabelle

Arabelle was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany. She studied the law and English at the University of Hamburg before visiting Maui for the very first time in 1993. Here she fell in love with the island and met her Californian husband who she married in 1995. Standing barefoot in the warm sand, listening to the crashing waves and Hawaiian music while saying her “ I Do’s” made her want to share this romantic and unique experience with as many people as she could. Fast forward to today, and Ancient Hawaiian Weddings has performed thousands of intimate beach weddings for couples from all over the world. Arabelle finds each and every wedding exciting and touching, pouring her heart and energy into every couples dream and making it a reality.

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Ohana means “family” in Hawaiian. These are our Hawaiian ministers, musicians, Hula dancers, conch shell blowers, Hawaiian chanters and torch bearers, florists, photographers, videographers, caterers and limousine drivers that we have worked with from early on and who will make you part of their “ohana” or extended family. This great group of people will ensure that your Maui Wedding becomes the Wedding of your Dreams.

Reverend Robert

(Kuya) Alamodin

Reverend Robert (Kuya) Alamodin was born in the Samar Province in the Philippines and immigrated into the United States at the age of five. His younger years were permeated by catholic traditions and serving his family and community. Being the oldest of six siblings, “Kuya” – still his nick name- an expression meaning “brother or elder” learned to take on responsibility at an early age. His quest for his roots and his growing spirituality brought him to Hawaii. What started as “love at first sight” has become a lifelong commitment to these islands. Kuya started working as a certified nursing assistant, before becoming an aid working with handicapped people at the Paralympics. From there he started working for Hospice and has made the transition in 2009 to become Pastor at the Universal Life Church. His spiritual, Christian, non-denominational ceremonies combine Hawaiian traditions with his Christian faith. Kuya is a loving, always smiling and deeply caring human being who will calm the nerves of the most nervous Brides with love and ease.


Valentine “Tino” Rosete

Valentine “Tino” Rosete was born and raised on Maui. His brother Vance, now living in Alaska, introduced him to the “New Passion Ministries Church” and Tino became a member. After having served as assistant pastor for years, Tino was ordained and became a minister in 2002. He has married thousands of couples throughout the years, starting each Christian ceremony with a traditional Hawaiian chant. His meaningful ceremony allows couples to revel in his soothing voice and calm manners. Tino feels blessed and honored to be able to meet and marry so many different couples from all over the world. There is nothing more beautiful to him as to share his believes and his love with each couple. He is deeply touches by each couples feelings for each other and known to shed more than one tear which makes him one of the most endearing ministers on Maui.


Wayne “Vene” Chun

Vene was born in Honolulu and raised on the West Side of Oahu in a valley called Nanakuli. His family moved to Maui in 1977 where Maui remained his home. A graduate of Kamehameha Schools, Kapalama, an all Hawaiian School founded by Princess Pauahi in 1887, Vene continued his passion for his Hawaiian Ancestry through his restoration of Maui’s Ancient Fishponds, voyaging of Outrigger & Sailing Canoes, passion for Hula/ Chanting, and storytelling of Hawaiian History/ Mythology. Vene has been officiating weddings since 2012 at the request of a friend as a one time deal, not expecting to currently continue performing ceremonies today. “I feel honored to always be asked and privileged to perform one of the most important ceremonies of a couple’s lives together.


Ricardo Hanakoo

Richardo Hanakoo was born in Indonesia and was raised in an orphanage led by the Dutch. He studied at the Conzegao University and at a young age participated in Charity Organizations, helping the poor and less fortunate in South America and Indonesia. His spiritual journey started at that time and he became a healer and a teacher. Through his profession he met countless people who he helped with finding their own spirituality. Richardo came to Maui in 1995 and immediately knew that this island would be his new home. He is a non-denominational Christian minister and has the ability to make everyone enjoy each moment and revel in his infectious laughter. It is very important to him that every couple feels that the magical moment of getting married in Maui will stay with each couple their whole life.

Reverend Ernest


Reverend Ernest Puaa was born on Oahu and raised on the island of Molokai. He moved to Maui at the end of the 1970’s. His Dad was a famous slack guitar player and taught him to play both the guitar and ukulele and encouraged him to sing. Hawaiian music has been a part of Ernest’s life ever since. As “Da Barefoot Warrior” he became one of the most famous and sought after musicians on Maui and has performed at music festivals and concerts. Performing for a wedding couple back in 2004, Reverend Laki Kaahumanu encouraged him to pursue a life as a minister. Ernest Puaa is a wonderful, sincere, God loving man and everyone appreciates him for his caring and faithful spirit. He loves to share his Aloha Spirit with as many couples as possible and includes everyone into his Ohana, family. Ernest loves what he does and knows that God put him on this Earth to be a minister.

Reverend Kaniala

Kaniala Masoe

Daniel Fono Kekauoha Masoe, short Kaniala Masoe, was born in Hilo on the Big Island’s rainforest side. He started making music at the tender age of three years old. His Mother, who played many different instruments and often played music with his Dad who was a base player, taught him to play the Ukulele. Kaniala and his many siblings were able to sing, play music and dance Hula before going to kindergarden. He has won countless Falsetto championships since 2003 and has recorded numerous albums. He was the Winner of American Idol Hawaii chapter and is married to his lovely Hula dancer wife Melody who he has five children with. He moved to Maui in 2009 to pursue his career in music and met Reverend Laki Kaahumanu at a function who persuaded him to become a minster as well. Kaniala’s goal in life is to make his children, family and visitors alike understand the meaning of Hawaii, the culture and customs. He speaks Hawaiian fluently! He has founded several Lu’aus on all islands. His ceremonies are filled with chanting and conch shell blowing. Kaniala’s sunny disposition, his warm smile, is infectious laughter and his art to make the most out of every moment make him to one of Maui’s most sought after ministers.


Euta Lightsy

Reverend Euta Lightsy was born in 1987 in Hau’ula on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu. He was raised by a Samoan Mother and Hanai – adopted- Hawaiian Mom on Oahus’s world reknown North Shore. He grew up in around the customs and culture of Hawaii, Samoa and Tahiti. At a young age, he learned the chants and Hula of old Hawaii. He was part of a Halau, which is a school or acadamy, literally meaning “a branch from which many leaves grow.” In 2013 he participated in the Famous Merrie Monarch Festival under Kumu Iliahi, a great honor!
He moved to Maui and was married on this magical island which let him to yet another “branch from which many leaves grow”, immersing himself even more into the Hawaiian culture and becoming a minister. In his own words he says:

“My culture is my passion! Being able to share my passion with you on your special day is my pleasure! This island of Maui harbors such a deep and rich history that often goes unnoticed by many of the guest that visit here. Please allow me to create a unique experience for your ceremony by sharing with you what the people of Polynesia truly care for, our family, our history and culture and this land we call Hawaii”




Our team of skilled photographers and videographers are dedicated to their craft, preserving memories from your special day.

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