Julia & Dimitri’s Wedding

Julia and Dimitri had originally wanted to visit our islands earlier than February, but a little “surprise” got in their way- so they had to wait 3 months to make sure the baby would make the long trip from Russia to Hawaii! The Bride’s hair and makeup was done at 5:00 a.m. !!! thanks to fabulous Jackie Cavallo who did not mind to wake at 3:30 in order to be at their hotel this early. Julia wore the perfect gown which almost hid her little baby bump and they opted for an early morning ceremony at Makena cove because they were hoping for a beach all to themselves. Laki Kaahumanu and Kaniala Masoe helped to make the ceremony intimate, fun and memorable. We hope to meet their baby soon as they are planning to return to these islands.

Photos by Maui Wedding Photographer Joe D’Alessandro

Jasmin & Kevin’s wedding on Paipu Beach

Jasmin and Kevin loved their special butterfly release at sunset on Paipu Beach in Makena. Jasmin’s dress was like a fairy tale come true. She looked amazing and took care of her own hair and makeup. Kevin’s parents had gotten married 12 years earlier with our help in a private tropical garden on Maui and had wanted us to arrange their son’s wedding as well. Reverend Laki Kaahumanu had married them 12 years ago and was available to perform the ceremony which made it all even a bit more unique. Being a true Hawaiian, Laki’s tatoes are usually covered up during his ceremony but since Jasmin’s tatoes were showing, he was not shy about showing his.

Photography by Francois Laborde.

Private Maui Wedding

Sonja and Etienne’s dream of getting married in Hawaii finally came true when they exchanged their vows on a quiet beach in Makena with only the ocean as their witness. The petite Bride was worried that too many flowers might overpower her 90 pound frame, so she selected a single but full strand orchid and plumeria lei with matching hair flowers brought to her by stylist Jackie and a tropical bouquet to go along. Etienne opted to have his traditional open ti leaf Maile lei wrapped with the same flowers his Bride was wearing as her lei, so they both matched perfectly both inside and out. Congratulations to the both of them on their future together!

Sweet Memories

Nicole and Stefan’ dream of getting married on a quiet beach on Maui came true today when they tied the knot this morning in Makena. Hair stylist Jackie Cavallo met the Bride at 5:30 a.m. in her hotel room! Reverend Laki Kaahumanu and Kaniala Masoe on Ukulele made them laugh and cry while exchanging their vows. Photographer Yolanda Pelayo captured their happiness. Congratulations to this young and sweet couple!

A Wedding With Friends

Peggy and Enrico celebrating with their two best friends on Paipu Beach with music, conch shell, love and laughter.

Romantic Sunset Wedding

What a fun wedding tonight with Armin and Regina. We were able to capture them while they were oblivious to their surroundings and got some great shots with all the natural light.

Photo credit Francois Laborde Photography.

A Surprise Wedding

Daniel and Andreas decided on a very short notice that they would love to take the opportunity, while being in Hawaii, to legally tie the knot. Actually: Andreas had no idea what Daniel had in mind!! They had traveled to Oahu and Kauai and watched a few weddings on those beaches. Daniel, ever being the romantic, decided to surprise his long time love with a traditional Hawaiian style ceremony. With all those beautiful beaches on Maui, they selected remote Paipu Beach and were lucky enough to be all alone.

Weddings on Short Notice

Let’s fly away! Katharina and Ralph and their five year old daughter Maya attended the iron man on the big island and decided on the spot that Hawaii was the perfect place for a destination wedding. They had suffered a tragic loss just one year ago and therefor had not wanted to celebrate a big wedding back home. Instead they opted for a romantic sunset wedding on one of the remote Makena beaches. They gave us two days to prepare! Called on Monday and got married on Wednesday! Talk about short notice weddings!

A Ti Leaf Wedding

Franzi and Marcel decided to celebrate their Hawaiian Wedding on Maui in a more traditional way: They arrived via Outrigger Canoe which picked them up from the Fairmont Kea Lani and took them to Palauea Beach in Makena. Since they also did not want to carry their wedding attire with them all the way from Switzerland, they opted instead for the very Hawaiian fresh dark green ti leaf skirts made that early morning by one of our Hawaiian dancers. We were all so thrilled that they veered away from the dress and suit and tried something different! The wedding was so much fun for everyone involved and we wish the both of them the very best on their journey together.

Beautiful Maui Beach Wedding – with a Selfie!

When the nervousness has settled, the vows, rings and leis are shared, the music and conch shell have stopped and the fact of being husband and wife has started to sink in – the time for a selfie has arrived:-)