Ancient Hawaiian Weddings | Testimonials

Ancient Hawaiian Weddings | Testimonials

Here is what our couples are saying……

Dear wedding party, dear groomsmen: Dear Laki, dear Arabelle, dear Kawika, dear Kaniala, dear Francois, dear Carl, dear Solomon, dear Jackie, dear Andrea, dear Cora,

We don’t know, if you remember us: Annette and Sebastian … Kasischke (repeat after me… ;o)))

It was a great, perfect and wonderful day for us and we will never forget this day and all of you. You ALL made this day so special for us! All of our friends and family asked us, how we managed to edit the photos so amazing in “photoshop”… – or rather which studio we used for the photos… ;-))). They can’t believe that we have really had a rainbow there. But the wonderful video serves as evidence!

We are so lucky that Laki was our Reverend. The ceremony was very lovely and humorous and we felt great every second. Thank you for this fantastic and magic moments with you! The gift from Laki (the seashell with the black pearl), we keep in honor – thanks again.

We want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for that day!!!

We regret, that we left Hawaii to go home to Germany after our wedding!

Many greetings from the cold, cloudy, grey and rainy Germany!!! We would be happy to stay in contact with you all! Our silver wedding Anniversary, we would like to celebrate again with you all!!!

We wish you all the best and hope, you are healthy and happy and you will have a great Christmas and new year 2015!

Lovely greetings

Annette and Sebastian

Aloha Arabelle,

I wanted to send you this sincere MAHALO for all that you did to make our April 2014 wedding day such a special and unique one. When we began our planning I was nervous about depending on someone that I did not know and that lived so many miles away. However, once we spoke on the phone I felt confident that my search for a trustworthy and dependable person was complete. Once we secured you as our event planner the stress of planning was over for me. I then began to enjoy the selection process by browsing your website – which served as a fabulous guide for our decision making process. Everything that we had selected online was exactly what was waiting for us on the beach that day…..except that, of course, the Real-Life version was Magnified with Beauty. Maui, Hawaii was Magnificent. As a Bride, I must say that the ride towards the beach in the outrigger canoe was remarkable. It was so calming. The backdrop of the mountains behind the beach was so beautiful. The canoers were softly speaking and chanting during the ride in. They did a great job keeping me relaxed. Being able to see my Groom awaiting on the beach, as I sailed in, was such a genuine moment for me. Once on the beach everything was perfect. The flowers, the music. the Minister~Laki, the hula dancer, the conch shell blower, the doves, the photographer and the videographer. Our southern family and friends that watched the live video stream absolutely loved LAKI. His Hawaiian traditions, along with his humor, proved to be such a memorable ceremony. Stephan did a great job with his videography. Although they were unable to attend in person, everyone loved the fact that they were able to login live and enjoy our special day with us. They are still talking about it and said how it was the perfect way to share our moment! I can’t close this letter without once again mentioning what a monumental role you were in our successful event. You created a dream wedding from afar….all I had to do was:

  1. Visit your Website ~ which has a wealth of information
  2. Phone you ~ I knew you were genuine then!
  3. Email you ~ my web selections
  4. Arrive on Island ~ meet you for the marriage license
  5. Arrive at Beach for Vows ~ greeted with much professionalism and perfection!

You ensured that every detail was precise. It meant so much to me to see you standing in the background at the beach. You were watching every detail; you had a smile on your face, and even managed to take some pictures of us on our camera. You are such a wonderful person with a genuine spirit and love for what you do. All of your advice proved to be so wise and helpful, for our trip was absolutely AMAZING!
The memories will be cherished always. Love to you and your son Marlon. We hope to see you two again someday during our travels.

Thank You so much Arabelle……we feel blessed!! You are indeed ONE OF A KIND!


The Newlyweds ~ Richie & Dena Klein
New Orleans, LA

Aloha Arabelle,

Miguel was completely amazed with everything! He was so nervous and happy that he could’t even talk during the ceremony (and I thought I was going to be like this).
I was crying for at least 5 minutes (the whole first music), everybody was so kind and helpful that even the mistakes (we were really nervous) were so nice to give a touch of our own at the marriage. Alalani is more than we could expect and the guys from the trio were amazing…
I think I’m being repetitive, but since the moment we arrived until the moment we left we felt a great energy and that we were a piece and a part of Hawai’i.
I would like to thank you one more time, as everything you and me planned happend as we expected it!
We are just waiting for the photos and video (Carl already sent us the link on youtube and everybody loves it).!

Thank you again and Mahalo

Patricia and Miguel from Brazil

A Big Thank You

It’s been crazy busy since we arrived back in Canada from our glorious two weeks in Maui. It is true – you never go to Maui only once – we can’t wait to return. Thank you so much for making our most unforgettable day a reality. It was the best day of our lives. We have been so pleased with the photos and the video. We have made a photo book for Mike’s parents, a photo mug for my mom, the photos have been a big part of a calendar that we did for all of Mike’s brothers and sisters – and we had the video playing in the background during our ceremony/celebration back here in Canada in November. It was a hit! It brought beautiful, warm Maui to cold, wintery, snowy Canada!

Again, thank you for pulling this all together for us. It was a perfect day!

Mike & Cindy Cook

Aloha Arabelle,
I am so sorry it has taken us so long to write this. We cannot begin to thank you enough for the amazing wedding you provided for us. It was beyond anything we imagined. All of you made our wedding so very special!! Alalani was just beautiful and her ceremony was perfect! And you pulled it off so effortlessly. You are wonderful Arabelle! We will highly recommend you to anyone planning a wedding in Maui. All of our family and friends were so impressed. They said it was the perfect wedding for us.

Our trip was such a whirlwind and we had such a great time. We cannot wait to go back.

Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for such a magical morning.

Yvette and Al

I am so sorry that I am just now writing you this letter( I just got back to LA on Thursday). I just want to say, ‘THANK YOU,’ for making the 2nd best day in the world for me (the first was the day I was born… the MOST BEAUTIFUL event that I have ever been a part of…..From the moment that Regina knocked on our condo door, to us getting out of the car at Olowalu and finally us leaving the plantation house after our last photo, we enjoyed everything and we LOVE Maui!!!!!! You made a dream into a reality!!!!! From the moment we started to plan our wedding, I had no idea what we wanted, but you took the small little pieces that we had and made it into a ROMANTIC AND BEAUTIFUL One of A Kind Event, that Joshua and I will never forget. Everything went so smooth, that I did not even get a chance to “stress out,” about anything. Our guest who attended the wedding loved everything, and everyone who has had the opportunity to watch the video love it, especially how Pastor Laki made the ceremony unique and interesting with his humor. Again, thank you so much for everything. Joshua and I are very grateful for you and we thank God for allowing you to be a part of our special day. We have a gift for you, along with tips for everyone that participated in our wedding. I will be mailing everything out on Tuesday.

Happy Holidays!
Elisia and Joshua James

Aloha Arabelle!
Hope this email finds you well!

John and I can’t even find the words to tell you how much we appreciate EVERYTHING you have done for us! I had created this “Fairy-tale” wedding in my imagination and didn’t dream it could be exactly that way…. WELL.. I was certainly mistaken. Our wedding went ABOVE AND BEYOND our expectations!!! .. and it was ALL because of you!!! Starting back in February, I just knew from the moment I chatted with you that you were the one to help us plan.. I did A LOT of research and I was confident with you after the very first conversation. You never missed a beat. Every call, every email, every question, every concern, every request.. you were on it! You made the absolute best suggestions even when I was stubborn about certain things. Thank GOD I listened to you! I will recommend you to EVERY person I know whether they have plans to marry now or!
You created perfection…

Marci was unbelievable! I LOVED her! I was so very nervous about someone I never met.. I have always hated when people did my makeup or my hair.. This was the very first time in my life that I LOVED the work! She made me feel like a princess… for my REAL fairy-tale wedding! John couldn’t stop telling me how stunning I looked.. thanks to Marci and her creative meticulous work! When we come back to Hawaii I will definitely get back in touch with her to make me look like that again for a very special night!

Rev Dennis was INCREDIBLE! We thank God that he was our minister. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful and lovely ceremony by such a warm person. God blessed us with him.

Carl and Yolanda were AMAZING. I despise the camera but they both made us feel so comfortable and so at ease. We haven’t received the video yet but the pictures are incredibly lovely! .. a wonderful surprise to come home too! Yolanda is very talented!

I have one regret.. everything went so fast that I didn’t even have a chance to meet the musicians. I wish I would have had a second to meet them and thank them for being with us and all their beautiful music, but before I knew it they were on there way out! I was so focused on everything else that my head couldn’t even absorb the music at that time, so I cannot wait to hear it all on the video! Everyone else complimented them and said how beautiful it was though! I would just like to extend my gratitude to them via you! Kristine was a pleasure to plan with! Kristine, Ginny and Don made for a perfect trio!

All our flowers were so gorgeous! EXACTLY (and even better) then I had imagined. I had such a difficult time leaving them in the hotel room. I took a dozen pics!

The cake was scrumptious and BEAUTIFUL! My only regret with this is that we wanted more! ; )

The Estate was the most beautiful place I have ever been. In my entire stay in Maui and Kauai, there was nowhere I loved more than our own private estate for our wedding! WOW! I heard there were 170 weddings on 10/11/12 in Maui alone. How incredible is it that we were fortunate enough to be secluded from all that in our own privacy on the most beautiful estate on earth!?!?!

I will say it again and again.. God had blessed us from the start.. starting from you. I have been to sooo many weddings but I have NEVER been to one nearly as beautiful as ours. We were blessed with all those around us.. gorgeous weather.. no mosquitoes! LOL! ..and His creation around us in stunning Maui!

As for my dress.. I just couldn’t bear to part with it. John was taking pics of me putting it away to give to you and I burst out in tears so I shipped it home instead. ; ) Im not sure what to do with it, but it is too special to me to part with right now.. I hope you got my message in time!

Anything I can do for you, please let me know.. I would love everything I wrote to be posted on your site.. any other place that you would appreciate a review.. I would also love for EVERYONE to be cc’d on this so they know how special they made our day.

You are an angel.. Your son is lovely! He is so fortunate to have such a special person for his Mom! I was happy to meet him! I can’t imagine how difficult it is for you to plan so many weddings, but this was what you were meant to do. You are so strong Arabelle! You & your son will continue to be in my heart and prayers for a beautiful life together filled with many blessings. You deserve the best and more. I am going to miss talking to you!

Tanya & John

Aloha Arabelle,
I hope all is well. I am sorry it has taken us so long to write this well deserved thank you letter. We’re thrilled to be writing such an amazing review.You are absolutely AMAZING at what you do, I am so very thankful that you were a part of our day. You were a tremendous partner and collaborator throughout our entire wedding planning process. Words cannot even begin to express how happy we are about how our wedding day turned out. I wouldn’t change a thing, in fact….. I’ve been telling everyone else to get married in Maui.
Everything from the beach location, to my flowers (LOVE THEM!!!), to your keen eye noticing that Jason’s vows were in the sand and not his pockets (extra special thank you from him on this one), and the amazing brunch recommendation.
We want to express our gratitude for sharing our wedding day with us and making it a very special occasion.

Best Regards,
Lucky Singnysane


Thank you, thank you, thank you….Our wedding was spectacular because of you. When I tell people it all happened in 3 weeks they are shocked. The musician, the dancer, the conch blower. Our amazing reverend and the flowers!!!!! I have never received so many compliments on my hair and make up! She literally transformed me and I felt like a princess. You were so right about the location and I’m so glad that you could meet us to show us the beaches so we could select the right one for us. It was perfect and it shows in the pictures and in the video. Our family and friends that saw Hanne’s pictures said Tom and I were glowing in almost everyone.

Let me know where we can send a few pictures to you and thank you again for making our wedding day amazing.

Jamie and Tom

ALOHA Arabelle!
I just wanted to thank you again for the most awesome wedding I ever could have imagined!! Really – you have a good thing going!!

We had the best minister, conch shell blower, photographer, hairstylist and COORDINATOR!!

Steve and I went back to Makena Cove (our special magical place) a few more times and we watched many weddings. I actually felt bad for the other couples. There weddings were nice – but not as unique and special as ours. Laki played the Ukulele. Other couples had no music or ring of flowers and no conch shell blower. There photographers weren’t as “cool” and relaxed. We are so blessed and fortunate. We got a lot of BANG for our buck and we are so pleased! Laki made us laugh!
You are so great and easy to work with. I am so pleased to know you. This was one of the most magical experiences. Truly!

I think of you daily, Arabelle. I hope you are doing ok. I can tell you are a woman with strength and I pray daily that you can stay strong. My heart hurts for you and I know you will be challenged with your business – the business of bringing joy to so many couples in love. But, you are so talented and warm and meant to go on.
You have all my sympathy. Take care! ALOHA!!

ps, we tried to get together with Vene for the canoe trip, but all was messed up with the tsunami.

Hi Arabelle,
Josh and I really wanted to take the time to truly THANK YOU for pulling together the perfect wedding for us! It was beautiful and everything we wanted! I was holding my breath and waiting for something to go wrong. They say something always goes wrong in weddings. Fortunately, this was not truth for our wedding. Everything was just perfect!! Reverend Keli’i Brown did the most beautiful ceremony ever!! Thank you for recommending him. We were both amazed with his beautiful ceremony as was the rest of our family and guests. We received nothing but compliments as to how beautiful the flowers, location, and how Hawaiian the wedding was.
We loved the ceremony SO much! So did all of our guests. During the reception dinner everybody was asking us to get copies of the DVD because the ceremony was sooo beautiful and Hawaiian! I totally remember you suggesting many times to try and keep it as Hawaiian as possible and you were so right!! 🙂
We received our wedding video a couple of weeks ago and it was wonderful. We are so happy with our video. Arabelle, you truly did a fantastic job. Thank you for patiently listening to what we were looking for and helping us make the right choices. Our wedding could not have been better! and we most definitely have you to thank for that! It took us awhile to find a wedding planner. But, from the first time I spoke to you on the phone, your feedback and suggestions made me feel comfortable and certain that you were the right person for us. YOU ARE THE BEST!! I would recommend you to ANYBODY thinking of planning their special day in Maui. Once again THANK YOU ARABELLE!
We will forever remember the ceremony and YOU for putting it together for us!! 🙂

All our Best,,
Wendy & Josh Pecev

Hi Arabelle,
I hope that you are well and survived the nine weddings that you had at the beginning of August!

Sorry I have taken so long to e-mail. I just wanted to write and thank you for everything you did in arranging a really lovely Wedding for us on 5 August. Ke Ali’i Nui Estate and all the flowers were so beautiful and all the people that worked with you on the day all did an exceptional job. We were so happy with the way everything turned out. Sue Helmer did a wonderful job with my hair and make-up and helped me to feel calm and relaxed. Jamie’s singing was of course beautiful and the guys, Carl and Francois, both did a fantastic job. So much thanks goes to you for putting it all together, spending much time writing e-mails and making phone calls to find out information on our behalf and for looking after any concerns that we may have had. Thank you for driving me to the Estate, and also for those beautiful words that you spoke for us in our Wedding service, it was lovely having you as a part of it. Thank you for making this whole process seem so easy and for helping us feel that everything was taken care of, and that nothing was too difficult. Thank you for leaving us nothing to truly worry about and for always going the extra mile. You were a marvel, and we are so grateful to you.

With Love,
Jane and Peter Mitchell

I just wanted to let you know that you did a fantastic job at pulling this together. Everything went smooth. Reverend Alalani was amazing you can tell she has a passion for her culture. Najone was so beautiful and charismatic while she was dancing the hulas and smiled I could not help but smile back. Vene was handsome and very relaxed. Jamie’s voice was beautiful and he performed flawlessly. We got the wedding video last week and it turned out awesome Craig did a quality job. Yolanda’s photos were beautiful and the slideshow turned out nice, everyone that saw it liked it. You have selected good vendors for your company. The family members that were with us were very impressed and all that have seen the video were wowed! All in all everything was perfect. I’m so glad that of all the wedding planners I contacted I picked you. I went with a gut feeling and it was right! You were very easy going yet professional at the same time. Your ability to calm any concerns and keep me on track was outstanding. I can’t tell you enough how happy we are with how things turned out. I am going to miss corresponding with you now that the wedding is over however feel free to contact me anytime. Because of you we had the perfect wedding. Please share our thank you’s to all involved and feel free to use me as a reference.
Thank you so much,
Louis & Heather LaBudie

Hi Arabelle,
We just wanted to shout out a big “THANK YOU” to you for making our wedding day very memorable! Everything went extremely well (exception for me being late) and turned out amazing! We don’t know who, what, or where we would have chosen if it wasn’t for you. You are the BEST!!!
My favorite part was probably the Hawaiian Ceremony because the view was just spectacular and breath taking at the Plantation House. Everyone loved that view!!!! Thanks to you we are happy the Plantation House was the reception selection. The entrance in is amazing!!! Jessica is very sweet and is really good at her job. Sometimes that’s hard to find with that combination.
The Grille Room turned out better than we thought. It was very intimate and with the flowers and candles it made it look 100% better. The flowers and cake turned out very pretty. The top of the cake survived back to Austin which is shocking. We had to take it everywhere one airport to the next, but it made it so we’ll be eating that for our 1 year Anniversary.
I love my hair and makeup stylist Karine I would highly recommend her to anyone. I’m glad she was at the top of your list otherwise I probably wouldn’t have chosen her, but extremely happy I did. She was very patient and made my hair look better than what I asked her to do. My skin looked flawless with the airbrush machine she used. She has a great personality….really funny gal.
Freddie was too funny and great videographer. He was on top of things and knew exactly how to make it right. I love that! He kept calling Rithy “Player”. LOL! Steve was just as nice a guy and he showed us some of beach pictures and they turned out awesome. It was really sweet of him to throw in the additional pics for FREE. I can’t wait to see them.
I wish I was still in Maui or Oahu where it’s nice and hot. It’s really wet and cold (40s) in Texas. I don’t think we got enough sun when we were there so we are already talking about going back next year and I can’t wait for that. I really loved it there and it’s soooooo beautiful!
Thanks again,

Ethel Nguyen
Rithy Khem

Aloha Arabelle!
Rob and I wanted to sincerely thank you for everything you did to help us plan and coordinate our wedding! We dreamed of a wedding on our favorite island of Maui and you transformed that dream into an absolutely magical event! You are truly the best at what you do-your recommendations for photographer, hair dresser, minister, florist, cake baker, musician and DJ were outstanding- everyone did a great job and was great to work with. We were amazed by every last detail. The flower arrangements and bouquet were unbelievable-I carried my bouquet with me on our honey moon until I was forced to give it up. Pastor Vance and the musician Ernest Puaa performed such a beautiful ceremony- I now tear up every time I hear “Somewhere over the rainbow”. And George Wolf took such gorgeous photographs of it all. Our guests had so many wonderful comments about the setting, the ceremony, the flowers… everything! It was such a memorable event in so many ways. So *Thank you! *Thank you for all your invaluable advice and assistance. Thank you for responding to our odd requests. Thank you for planning our event on top of your own family-wedding. Thank you for your hospitality to us and our guests. Thank you for keeping us all on schedule and improvising when some of us weren’t. Thank you for making our dream wedding happen. We couldn’t have done it without you. Best wishes to you, Arabelle We hope to see you again soon.
Mahalo nui loa,
Betsy and Rob LeBel

P.S: Enclosed is a small token of our appreciation. I also am planning to post your name and glowing comments about you on wedding related websites and blogs. Please let us know if there are some websites that you want us to hit. And please let Rob and I know if you ever need recommendations. We have nothing but wonderful things to say about you!

Aloha Arabelle!
We’re settling into married life here on the Mainland. We found it very hard to leave the beautiful island of Maui. We are already discussing coming back for our first anniversary!

We just wanted to let you know how much we loved our wedding! From the great weather, to the lovely Paipu Beach, to Shelly making me look beautiful, to Vene and his special conch shell blowing, to the lovely officiating by Kimo, the the music sung by Halemanu, to the absolutely gorgeous flowers, to having Stephan webcasting our wedding, to Kevin our videographer and to the fun spirited photographer Kristin, the wedding was absolutely perfect!!

We couldn’t have done it without you. A big MAHALO for making it all happen!
If we know of anybody who wants to get married in Maui, we will definitely refer them to you.
Please feel free to use us as a reference!

Again Mahalo
A hui kana
Robin and Ben Townley

Dear Arabelle:
Just a short note of thanks to express our genuine and heartfelt appreciation for all of your hard work and dedication to making our special day a truly one-of-a-kind, unforgettable, magical experience! The final product from all those months of planning was even more idyllic than we had imagined it would be! And that is all thanks to you for making it happen just the way our hearts desired…to coin the phrase you said to us so many times during the planning stages 🙂

On the day of the wedding, from the moment we arrived at the beach we were simply blown away to find the brilliant display of our flower heart right where we hoped they would be in the sand, near the scenic rocks and palms…and was just delighted by the beautiful aroma and stunning colors the florist used to create that special masterpiece. And the fragrant, perfectly colored and set bouquet….wow! Even better than the pictures we had sent you as a template for what we wanted our special wedding touches to be.

Furthermore, our musicians, Don and Vance, were simply top-notch and played divinely. We particularly loved that they were able to play a unique, specially-requested song for our first dance, the Hawaiian version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” for our recessional, and the romantic Bocelli songs that first drew us to choose them as our musicians in the first place. Really magnificent professionals who took our ceremony up several notches with their beautifully-orchestrated music.

We are so thankful you convinced us to have Vene blow the conch shell during our ceremony as well. That ended up being one of the most amazing parts of the ceremony for us. He illuminated our consciousness with his explanation of why the conch is blown, and helped tie our sacred day closely to nature, tradition, and all that is around us. He was just amazing.

And finally, Kimo was just fantastic, and was definitely the right choice of a minister for us. He made us feel comfortable and relaxed, and provided the ceremony with genuine sincerity, classic tradition, and lighthearted humor to boot. The whole team you assembled for us just could not have been better. It made for a day of overwhelming emotion, and carefree fun for us all to enjoy – thanks to you taking care of everything so well, and allowing us not to have to stress over a thing! We can’t wait to work with you again in future years, so that we may renew our vows and relive this experience all over again 🙂

Very best regards,
Tiffany & Chris Myers

P.S. Our after-wedding dinner at Sarento’s was delicious and so pretty in the open-air setting on the beach! Thanks again for another great tip 🙂

We now eagerly anticipate our photographs from Yolanda and our dvd from Craig – from the bits they showed us, they are sure to amaze! They were just fantastic professionals too by the way…we felt so comfortable with them, had a lot of laughs, and just really enjoyed our time working with them both.

I also wanted to let you know we’ll be sending you a little something extra for making our day go off without a hitch, and for helping work around Chris’ mothers limitations. I gave you what I had on me after the ceremony, but I really wanted to give you a little something more. I’ll send that off to you very soon 🙂 Thank you so very much for everything.

Aloha Arabelle
Once again, thank you for being so wonderful! You are great at what you do! How exciting it must be to do what you love and make people so happy. The wedding pictures by Yolanda Pelayo turned out fabulous. Also, the video was amazing, Carl Rozycki did an amazing job. I’m so glad I had the ceremony video taped. He was worth everypenny! Everyone back home can’t quit talking about it. We had it playing off to the side during the reception and our guests just kept gathering around. Both Carl and Yolanda were super for getting the pictures and the vidoe to us before the reception with so little time.
Thanks again for all you did to make out day so fabulous!
Karah and Mark Sambuco
August 19, 2008

Aloha Arabelle,
Mahalo Arabelle for making this the most unforgettable!!!! day of our lives. When we were looking for a wedding planer and found your web page we immediately knew that you were the one to help us plan our special day. I’m sure that we probably drove you crazy with all the emails and changing things around, but you were always very patient and professional with us mahalo. The suggestions that you made were always sincere and honest, your professionalism showed in all our dealings with you.

The first time we actually met you was at the rehearsal in the park, you blew us away with your sincere out-going personality. You were genuinely happy for us, it was sincere and from your heart mahalo. We are blessed to have found you, you made our special day totally stress free for both us and our parents mahalo.

Extended our heartfelt thanks to your entire team of professionals (hair dresser, limousine driver, conch blower, hula dancer, musicians, videographer, photographer, and who can forget the minister what an absolutely beautiful and sincere man). Your cast of professionals are all very professional and sincere in their respectful fields but we really appreciated them taking time after the ceremony to have their pictures taken with our friends and family, there are no words of gratitude that can reflect our thanks.

The flowers in the hair, bouquet, circle of flowers and lie’s were all very beautiful and fragrant. The cake was to die for; it was so light and tasty. Thank you for cutting and serving the cake, champagne and cider. Just another example of how dedicated you are to make this a special day for us and our families.

My husband Dave said it best “this is the most beautiful amazing wedding ever”.

Mahalo Arabelle for making this a wonderful day, this day will be permanently etched in all our memories.

Tammy & Dave
Keali’I Nui Estate